About Her


Ellie Lowe is the twenty one year old behind She’s Gone Lala. She loves to travel, write and photograph her way through life. Ever since her first major travel experience in 2012, she hasn’t been able to let go of the urge to see more of the world. The She’s Gone Lala blog began as a way to divert her thoughts and experiences from further clouding her mind, and has grown into a space to also share hobbies, DIY’s, travel destinations, brands, her faith and more. Ellie has recently completed a Diploma in Travel Journalism and Photography and hopes to use these skills to begin building her career. Currently based in Sydney, Australia.

To learn more, ask questions or say hello, please visit the Contact Her tab.


Ellie loves working alongside brands in which she is passionate about. If you think your brand would suit the style of She’s Gone Lala, please enquire via the Contact Her tab. Ellie believes so strongly in the power of social media to influence others, and would love the opportunity to share information on companies whom she supports.



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