SIX MONTHS. (+ our wedding video!)

Our beyond perfect wedding video has finally gone live. Only six months late… Yes, that’s right Shawn and I have been married for six months, hooray! Officially on Wednesday, however we celebrated this weekend with a trip to the Blue Mountains. Our wedding day was beyond incredible, and while I do occasionally catch myself day dreaming about it, it’s nothing compared to our new lives together as a whole.

We were blessed with another free night away thanks to the rail works by our apartment, so we decided to head up to the mountains to relax and explore. I’ve been extremely sick in bed the last couple of days so we took it very slow, but it was such a nice chance to spend quality time together and be thankful for our marriage. Here are some photos to show you what we got up to.

And of course, you can VIEW OUR WEDDING VIDEO HERE! Shawn’s vows will probably (definitely) make you cry so grab your tissues ladies.


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