Morning Fresh

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Well with only six days to go before Shawn and I jet off to TNQ to film a short video as a part of the Paradise Through Your Lens competition, I have been feeling more motivated that ever to look and feel fit and healthy. We have a huge week ahead of us, for which I will be in a bikini most of the time, and I want to have the energy to power through it (By the way if you are interested in seeing our competition entry video visit here). So over the last week or so I’ve been dragging myself out of bed earlier than usual, dusting off my running shoes and hitting the pavement. The results are so liberating, I have to say! I’ve only been running for a week and already I feel the difference in my energy levels and stamina.

I really wanted to encourage everyone to find a morning routine that works for you, because I am very quickly coming to learn that how you start your day effects the rest of it. So here is a list of things, that I don’t always do everyday, but I am working towards, that I believe give you the best kickstart.

  1. Walk/Jog/Run
    This is number one for a reason! Don’t go throwing back your bacon and eggs before you put your work out gear on. Run before breakfast. It’ll wake your body up, get your systems moving and help prevent any side aches or stomach cramps. And usually before my run, I feel like a naughty breakfast, whereas after I’ve run I suddenly only feel like some yoghurt and fruit, granola or even a smoothie. Also, if you haven’t run in what feels like lightyears (as was my situation a week ago) then start off with a walk, but be sure to keep it brisk. If while you’re walking, you feel as though you could handle a little more momentum, start a slow jog. Ease your body into it, you don’t want to throw out any muscles on your first day.
  2. Breakfast
    Keep it reasonably light, however don’t under do it to a point where you’ll be hungry for pancakes 10 minutes later. Yogurt is so great, but if you’re like me and often need a little more substance, throw in some muesli or granola with fruit – yum! Make sure to have a glass of water with that too. Keeping your body hydrated is a huge must! Dehydration will lead to intense lethargy as well other many other lousy symptoms.
  3. Quiet Time
    For me, this is the most important step of the morning, and I’m sad to say that it often falls down to the bottom of my list. But on the mornings that I do decide to put it first, I have the best day. Quiet time with God will infuse you with a great amount of joy, determination and grace. At the moment I am reading Judah Smith’s “Jesus Is ______.” which is fantastic. I know a lot of people jumped on this bandwagon a long time ago, and I’m pretty late to the party, but if you haven’t read it, two words; do it. Jesus has become a totally new person to me, and I’ve fallen flat on my face in love with him in a whole new and exciting way. Reading this book, passages from the bible, and spending time in prayer are all brilliant ways to get my butt into gear each day. I find I am much more tolerant of people and irritating circumstances, while also being able to release a lot more love after doing these things.

So they are my top three for each morning! They might not all work for you, or you might have your own routine which is a different mix of things. If you do, let me know, I’m always keen to hear of more ways to keep up my energy and give myself a better attitude! Have a happy Tuesday friends (or whatever day it is in your part of the world)! Here is my little post-run nook this morning. Brekky today was a strawberry smoothie made with almond milk – delish!

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E x


One thought on “Morning Fresh

  1. This is such a lovely little post Ellie, and you’ve inspired me to try and start my day a little earlier with a walk or jog and quiet time with God. I usually do my quiet time later in the afternoon, but the morning makes more sense! Also, beautiful photos as per usual. Those flowers on your table are gorgeous!

    – Sam x

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