New Year, New Discoveries


Hello lovely people! Sorry for the month long silence over here. I took a little time out from the blog to focus on the new year, relaxing and getting my resolutions and new priorities in line.

I am so excited for this upcoming year! The last 5 years have brought along great change, challenges and remarkable rewards! So before I start looking forward, I’m going to take a quick look back.

In 2010 I frolicked through my last year of high school. I wasn’t an overly academic student, always chasing after creativity and fun more than straight A’s. In saying that, I did make sure I still somewhat applied myself to school and came out at the end on a good note. I spent most of my time in the art rooms, fussing on final touches of my projects or in the drama rooms rehearsing, instead of focusing on the math exam next class. But it didn’t phase me, I was doing what I enjoyed and I wanted to do well in those creative areas. I graduated with mixed emotions, and made the decision to move from Brisbane to Sydney in the new year.

In 2011 I made the move, with my wonderfully supportive family, back down to Sydney! It was here, the day after I arrived, that I met Shawny. Little did I know what that would eventuate to… I started working full time in an early leaning centre, thanks to a ‘Tafe’ course giving me Childcare qualifications that I completed in school.

In 2012 I bid adieu to my job and skipped over to Europe to do what I’d been daydreaming about through every science and math class… Travel! It was the reason I went straight into full time work instead of study, and it was everything I hoped it would be plus more. So much more. I experienced the best two months of my life and returning home brought on some very real depressive symptoms… Christmas Day was when I made the snap decision to move over to England and explore more of my dream land. Shawn and I were also conversing a lot at this point.

In 2013 I was thrown into a year of learning, growing and having my eyes opened to the wisdom and grace of God. It started with shawn and I deciding to go ahead with a long distance relationship. Back and fourth between England and Seattle we flew. Adventuring, being in love, and being the happiest we’d ever been. But also, for me, the saddest. The times that shawn wasn’t by my side in England I was losing all hope. My hopes for the move were to get back to my dream lifestyle of traveling and having fun day in and day out without a care in the world. News flash: doesn’t exist. I came to very real terms with that. I was slipping back into a depressed state, and it was scaring me. I called out to God and was frankly pretty annoyed that he would seclude me over in that tiny little rainy, cold country all alone. No money to travel like I wanted, no friends, no enjoyable work. But he provided me a home full of love and encouragement, a housemate who treated me as family and many other blessings along the way. I decided to focus more on the positive than the negative. And to keep a record of it all, I created this blog. A huge blessing, along with all my readers and friends, which helped mould me into a stronger, well-spoken woman. And looking back, I have never travelled so much as I did in that year! It might not have been to all the places I really wanted to see, but it was full of new family and exciting beginnings. Oh and I also experienced my first white christmas!

In 2014 (obviously the best year ever) shawn moved to Sydney again, for me, then gave me a very pretty ring, then we got married and said yes to forever! We started out with zero dollars, and ended up with an apartment full of wonderfully beautiful pre-loved things that are being loved by us all over again. We are so thankful for how far God stretched us last year. I learnt a LOT about faith and just how beneficial and important it is to have. And now I have a husband which is pretty darn great. We also experienced an awesome honeymoon which we did not think would happen, but it did (going back to the whole God’s grace thing).

So here we are. 2015. What am I going to discover and experience this year? No idea. But judging by that recap over the last five, it’s going to be undeniably incredible. I am so expectant and ready for all God has to offer. I am hoping and believing for so much, and trying to learn to not keep God in a box. If you open the lid and let him work all of his magic, imagine where your life will be in twelve months? Trying to keep that thought on my mind as I begin this new adventure.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around to read, not only this post, but everything I throw around on this blog. It has definitely been a blessing in my life, I hope it can be in yours as well. Don’t forget to say hi, would love to know you all!

Happy NY!

E x



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