DIY Felt Christmas Garland

This little craft took me no time at all, barely cost a thing & is looking super cute up on the wall! If we had a fireplace mantle piece, however, it would definitely be strung across there instead.

All I used was:
– four sheets of felt (assorted colours)
– tan & red twine
– tape
– craft glue
– scissors
– paper & pencil

Here are some photos to show what I did! Google images definitely assisted with my sketches… I tried pinning a cut-out sketch I did onto the fabric and cutting around that. It was a little fiddly, so for the lighter coloured felt I drew straight onto that instead of paper. If you have any mini pegs, it could be cute to peg each felt shape onto the twine. I didn’t have any at home so simply glued them on. But I may add mini pegs later 🙂








The perfect little rainy day craft!!


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