Hello Summer!

Today in Australia it is officially the first day of summer which is a great thing for many reasons.

1. Summer rules.
2. First day of summer means first day of December which means CHRISTMAS.
3. Beach days, two weeks off work, and the best season of the year are all just around the corner.
4. Hot summer days give me an excuse to eat copious amounts of ice cream and not feel (too) bad about it.

I’ve always loved summer more than other seasons. It could have had a lot to do with the fact that while I was in school, summer meant 8 weeks of freedom. It also means sun kissed skin, cool fruity drinks, eating entire watermelons in one sitting, night time BBQ’s, extra long days, night swims, beach for days, finding hidden waterholes and floating around for hours, mango season, minimal clothing, salads, having a reason to purchase another 5 swimsuits and the list could quite literally go on forever.

So there you have it folks, I love the summer time! I could just swim and swim and swim all day long. One day Shawn and I will have a pool and life will be fab.

What’s your favourite season? Comment below! If you love summer too, what are your favourite things to do?

Much love!


Photo by Shawn Lowe


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