An Unforgettable Experience


Time to get into the specifics of our TNQ honeymoon!

One of the best experiences we had while up in Queensland was being given the sensational opportunity of experiencing the Great Barrier Reef, from below and above! We hit the reef on a pretty lousy day; high winds and choppy seas. Whilst being served our complimentary tea and coffee, we were immediately advised by the staff on board the Quicksilver Cruise vessel to purchase some seasickness tablets to prevent nausea. As I have been out on the reef twice before, both times ending in a nasty mess, I picked up a pack knowing full well what the horror of sea sickness felt like. The tablets definitely helped, as my breakfast managed to stay where it belonged, however it didn’t completely stop the nauseous feeling. This didn’t come as a surprise for me as I have the weakest stomach!

On a positive note, once we were out on the outer reef, the clouds had parted and we were blessed with a bright blue sky and sparkling sunshine twinkling over the water. It was stunning! As soon as the boat was stationary my stomach also came to a stand still and I began to marvel at my surroundings. Well worth the journey! The water was a deep turquoise  colour beneath the boat. I let my hair out as it whipped through the salty wind, with the sun warming my face. We were treated to a delicious buffet lunch, honestly much better quality than I expected to receive on a boat. I’m not a seafood eater, but I thoroughly enjoyed many of the seafood dishes they had available. On the pontoon there were look-out points, lunch tables, areas to lounge, an underwater glass observatory experience and more! Time flies when you’re out on the reef, so unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to try out all of the activities they had to offer. We wore the stinger proof lycra suits that were available on board when snorkelling, as I’m a bit of a scardy cat! They also protect you from the UV rays. And besides, everyone looks great in lycra 😉 Here’s a ridiculously attractive photo of Shawn and I rocking them.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

Snorkelling was unreal! I hadn’t been in many years, so it was fantastic to be out there again. It truly is another world out there and when the sun shines through that water, it is pure magic. I’m a fan of the huge clams that can be spotted, and of course the gorgeous turtles. Unfortunately I didn’t see any this time around!

Before long, it was time for our helicopter ride back to land. We were so stoked that we got to go up in one of those bad boys. We flew with GBR Helicopters and it was a remarkable experience that’s for sure. Google doesn’t lie, the reef really does look that good from above! I couldn’t stop words like “wow” or “amazing!” pouring fro my mouth as the scenery really took my breath away. I would jump back on in a heart beat. Sign me up as a GBR helicopter pilot!

We made a stop at a secluded beach on the way home, which can only be reached via boat or chopper. It felt like we were on the set of Castaway. We had flown back into cloud covered skies by this point, but I actually really loved the moody feel. TNQ really does rock any weather! The deep greens become very prominent as the sky gets dark. I loved sitting and watching the palm trees wave in the wind.

We managed to spot a couple of crocs sunbathing on some sand dunes as we flew back over the mainland, coming into Port Douglas. The views from up above are just unreal. We had a fantastic flight, so a huge thank you to the Great Barrier Reef Helicopter crew for that!

If anyone is planning a trip up north, definitely check out:

Tourism Tropical North Queensland
For all you need to know about the tip of Australia, as well as some inspiration for planning your own trip.

The Quicksilver Group
For information on many reef cruise options including snorkelling, diving, semi submarines, tours, and more! Quicksilver is the leading reef cruise group and were highly recommended to us.

Great Barrier Reef Helicopters
Visit here if you are interesting in experiencing a birds eye view of the Reef. Many options available, including stopping for lunch on a sand cay or private beach. Incredible!

Shawn and I received these experiences as complimentary, however all opinions within this post are true and my own. I highly recommend both companies 🙂

And now, of course, some happy snaps to enjoy!

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 9 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 9 preset

Our GBR Helicopter read for take off!

Waving goodbye to the Quicksilver vessel and pontoon from the chopper

Breathtaking views over the reef

Shawn taking it all in through the lens ;)

Heli selfie! I was having a little too much fun with this headset

Birds eye view of the private beach we explored

A cute little swing on the beach :)

Shawn with the chopper in the clearing next to the beach

Dark, moody skies making us feel like we were stranded on a faraway island


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