Weekend Blessing

Always remember to keep your eye out for little blessings in life, you’ll be surprised how many you can find in a day. And I’m talking sometimes really tiny things that may seem so insignificant like your favourite cereal being 1/2 price. But whether it’s great or small – it’s still a blessing!

Well last weekend, our first weekend home since being married, we were gifted a lovely little surprise. When we first opened the very boring looking envelope, it seemed like bad news.

“During the period of 31st October- 2nd November there will be rail works happening between Thornleigh and Epping stations. These works will reach approximately 30 decibels above the average background noise…” Blah blah blah.

So there we were thinking we were in for a weekend of very little sleep, probably a twitchy eye or two and maybe I would even miss work. But I read on. And good prevailed! Turns out the government decided it would be great to fund us a weekend away to avoid the noise around our apartment. And I’ll tell you, it was very great.

Our mood did a 180 degree turn around as we jumped up and down in the kitchen yelling “second honeymoon, second honeymoon!” We immediately hit up last minute.com and found ourselves a sweet deal for an ocean front motel in The Entrance.

Before we head off on our weekend away we were so very, very excited to be picking up our new camera (a canon 6D) which we found on eBay for a bargain price. Shawn is in the process of teaching me all he knows of photography! And it’s a lot of fun.

So we had the best weekend, sitting on our balcony for the majority, looking out onto panoramic views of the ocean. Absolute bliss! We were even spoilt with a lightening storm right in front of us, out over the water. What a show! We watched the sunrise both days (viewable from our bed) and enjoyed a lazy two and a half days breathing in salty air and playing with our new toy. Here are some pics, enjoy!


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