The (Dreamy) Lowe Wedding

Our wedding day was an absolute dream. Although it didn’t look like the weather was going to cooperate with gale force winds and heavy rain the day before. All we could do was laugh as we stayed up that night, decorating the marquee where our reception would be held, with winds lashing against the plastic walls so intensely that we braced ourselves for lift off at various points. The place looked beautiful and I couldn’t possibly feel anything but joy.

The next morning the rain was still ever present, looking quite at home and stationed in the skies above us. But still, I remained in a state of utmost peace, knowing full well that no matter the weather, I was marrying the person I knew I couldn’t live without. And that is what kept the smile planted on my face.

As the rain didn’t slow we made the decision, about an hour and a half out from the ceremony beginning, to move it to the marquee. Being surrounded by incredible friends and family who were committed to making our day pure magic, I knew I could trust that the marquee would be set up beautifully. Just as all the chairs had been driven up from the grassy patch where we had hoped to be married, to the marquee, the rain ceased and the clouds began to lessen in the sky. Shawn made the snap decision to move everything back down to our dream wedding location and go ahead with original plans. With only 30 minutes until showtime, the rush kicked in!

I was firmly stationed right by the window, looking out onto the grassy ceremony area. It was at this point I totally lost my cool.

And cue bridezilla…

Every person that dared to enter the room I was in, was immediately sent back out to pursue a task that I decided was not being achieved quick enough or well enough. The nerves hit me like a tonne of bricks, and seeing everyone outside (mostly all still in work clothes and gumboots) made me almost go insane. I couldn’t keep myself together, and had to (literally) be physically refrained from running outside to do it myself.

I was hastily pulled into my bedroom, where the curtain was conveniently closed, to begin putting on my wedding dress. My beautiful maid of honour and mum were both complimenting every inch of me in a desperate attempt to calm me down. I couldn’t speak, and breathing became harder than usual. It was excitement, nerves, and just a general overload of emotion and hormones. Before I knew it I was standing at the front door, gripping mums arm as I watched my bridesmaids waiting for their cue to walk. And then suddenly, we were walking, oh wait, oh.. tripping! Just a little. “Ok and I’m back.” I spoke to myself the majority of the walk down the aisle. Mostly saying things like “can you all stop looking at me? I don’t like it. Stop. Stop. This is really intrusive.” Yes, because we attached mind reading devices to all our guests. Good Ellie, good.

I locked eyes with Shawn which helped me make the last 10 steps. Holding his hand and staring into his eyes made the whole world stand still. When it came to our pastor giving a short message, I was giving myself a pat on the back for going ahead with our swing idea. My amazing dad made us a beautiful wooden swing which he, and all the men in our families, attached to the tree we were married under. Some flowered vines were threaded through the rope, and voila! Pretty swing complete. So we sat there as I clutched my shaky hand onto Shawn’s slightly sweaty, and also shaky hand.

Before we knew it we were promising ourselves to one another. Shawn’s vows should probably win some kind of award for the being the most beautiful and cry-worthy words to ever be spoken to another person. Mine were okay too. I managed to hold back the tears. Shawn… Well that’s another story. It was an incredibly touching moment, and I love him for letting the waterworks go.

The second we were pronounced man and wife, I could have screamed, in fact I think I did just that! The rest of the day was far less daunting. Our amazing photographers, who just so happened to be Shawn’s best friend and wife who flew over from the states, made sure they took us to some beautiful locations. I cannot wait to see the photos (and share them!) no doubt will they be totally stunning.

The reception flew by. We ate, drank, took copious amounts of pictures, witnessed the worlds most jaw-dropping rainbow (no really, ask anyone of our guests), laughed, cried, ate cake, danced and of course ran through a tunnel of sparklers.

We could not have asked for a more magical day, and there are SO many people to thank, it’s ridiculous.

However, first and foremost, my gratitude must go to the Lord. He brought this relationship together, blessed us with sunshine and a remarkable rainbow to seal his everlasting promise on our big day. What a gift!

We have also enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon and life has kicked off grandly as newlyweds! But those will be posts for another day. A big thanks to everyone’s kind words and well wishes, I apologise that I haven’t gotten back to you all. And also for being extremely slack on the email front. I will pick up my game I promise!










2 thoughts on “The (Dreamy) Lowe Wedding

  1. Ellie, this is so beautiful! I’m so happy, and a little teary also, to see that you and Shawn are now married. Loved reading this insight into your special day, and seeing a few gorgeous photos as well. Can’t wait to hear even more about it soon no doubt. All the best for your lives together xxx

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