Honeymoon Dreaming


Today I am daydreaming…

I feel as though our honeymoon has been one huge blessing. A few months ago, we honestly didn’t think we would be going on one at all as we had very little money, it just seemed so out of reach. But God is faithful, and after much prayer He found a way for us to afford one. We are over the moon happy!

I announced on Instagram where we will be going a while back, but for anyone who didn’t see it, Shawn and I will be jetting off to Tropical North Queensland for a week on the 19th October! I’d always envisioned my honeymoon being in some exotic overseas location, however after a lot of research on Port Douglas I’ve realised how incredible this trip will be, and that we have some remarkable locations in our own country. Plus we save a lot of money on plane tickets!

So! How did we afford it in the end? Well, my wonderful parents have allowed us to use one of the resorts which is apart of their club, Worldmark. It’s all in a point system, so no payment needs to be made. On top of that, they have offered to order us a hire car as a gift. So that’s another large cost taken care of. We found some incredibly cheap flights a couple of months ago, so we were very lucky there. And then the only thing left to pay for that would really cost a fair amount, was the snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef which we refused to miss out on!
Well, this is where a truly amazing opportunity takes part. After being put into contact with Tropical North Queensland Tourism, we were offered a free trip out on the reef with Quicksilver as well as a Go Pro to use and maybe even a helicopter ride back from the reef, still waiting for confirmation on that one. All that in exchange for a short video promoting the area. Seeing as Shawn would no doubt have filmed our whole trip anyway, it really doesn’t add any stress. We are so blessed and blown away and over joyed and just plain excited for this trip! It will be the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation after a busy few months.
Here are some photos I’ve found of some places we definitely want to check out while we’re up there. Can’t wait to share our own photos with you when we return!

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