Sunday Funday

Sunday’s are the best day of the week in my opinion. We kick them off with morning service at church, which we always leave feeling revived, blessed and pumped up for the week. Then the rest of the day is set aside for quality time with one another.

Yesterday afternoon Shawn and I picked up our wedding rings – hooray! They are beautiful. We are extremely grateful for my grandma who blessed us by purchasing them.

We also had our usual Sunday afternoon alone time. We spent it at the glorious Avoca Beach on the Central Coast, in NSW. We were given a feast for the eyes (God clearly showing off) with the incredible sunset show. We laughed, jumped all over the rocks and rock pools, stood by the crashing waves, explored caves and of course sat down to enjoy the pink, orange & golden colours that exploded all over the sky. Here are some photos of the fun we had.







I’m so looking forward to summer, my goal is to enjoy as many golden hours as I possibly can (& many many sunrise swims!)


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