Stepping Into A New Season


It is well and truly a new season (finally) here in Sydney, Australia! Spring has been long awaited, at least by me, and has finally shown up with some warmer days this week. But that isn’t the season I’m talking about in this post.

I’m talking about life’s seasons. A bit metaphoric, and a pretty “Christian” phrase, but it applies to anyone, whether you’re a believer or not. Stepping into a new season is when you feel as though some big changes are lurking ahead. These could be good or bad things, but they will definitely shake up your current world. Change is good; it keeps us growing and learning, and not becoming too comfortable or content in our current circumstances. Right now I am definitely stepping into a new season, one that I am very excited about.

Marriage is a pretty loaded word; it comes with responsibility, commitment, selflessness, and understanding. But if it is done right, it also comes with support, joy, positivity, encouragement, and a whole lot of love. As our wedding day gets closer and closer (33 days!!!… But who’s counting?) I become more and more expectant of what’s to come. Shawn and I will be able to experience total unity and closeness with one another, and that is something that cannot be shared with any other person. I cannot express how excited the words ‘husband and wife’ make me feel!

As I touched on in my last post, we have been taking a pre-marital counseling course (best thing ever) and have been delving deeper into the core of our relationship, aiming to keep it as healthy as we possibly can. I absolutely adore it, and find myself loving Shawn more and more because of the time we are spending to really nurture our precious commitment to one another.

Another very thrilling change that is going on in our lives at present is our search for a home to share together. This has got to be my favourite part of the whole “getting married” process so far! Wandering through various open inspections, envisioning ourselves having a life and a home within them is the best fun. We have applied for just one property so far, which would be absolutely perfect for us. If we manage to score it, I’ll be sure to post photos on here! I can’t wait to begin building a home with Shawn, making it our own and creating memories together. We have plenty of DIY projects up our sleeve; so keep your eyes peeled for some fun posts over the coming months as we decorate our home.

But before we move into our place together, we get to honeymoon! I’ll be popping up a post very soon all about our honeymoon destination and a very exciting opportunity we have been given along with it!



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