You & Me


Recently, Shawn and I have gone to the effort of setting aside Sunday afternoons to have some extremely valuable ‘alone time’. This means no distractions, no phones, no one else around; just us.

We received the suggestion to give this exercise a go from our pre-marital course facilitators. A loving, insightful couple, originally from Scotland, who have taken us under their wing and have been feeding us as much wisdom as they can. It’s been incredible, and I would highly recommend any engaged couple to take a similar course before marriage.

Shawn and I have learnt so much that we didn’t know about one another over the last month. The biggest learning curve for us, however, has been communication. A lot of the time we tend to push certain discussions aside in fear of them leading to an argument. We now know of specific communication techniques which will prevent heated arguments from arising, through studying this course.

And one very important aspect of it all has been setting time aside for just us. We go out every Sunday, whether it be to the beach, a bush walk, or to the local coffee shop; wherever or whatever we are doing, we completely and wholly devote our full attention to one another. We make sure we are discussing anything that has been bothering us during the week, remembering to accompany the not-so-good things with a lovely, thankful thing.

We always end our Sundays on such a happy note, and definitely feel all loved up and ready for the big week ahead. This is a brilliant thing to do whether you are dating, engaged or married. Purposefully noting down time in your diary each week to spend alone with your partner will send the love-sparks flying over and over again!

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.”
1 Corinthians 13:13


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