Hello Spring!

I don’t know about you, but I was happy-dancing all day long yesterday due to the fact that my least favourite season is done and dusted. Adios winter!!

The sun came out to play which made it all the more exciting (anyone living in Sydney will understand my sheer joy here as we’ve been stuck in an eternal shower for weeks).

I am a major ocean lover, so of course I packed Gus (the little curly haired boy I nanny) and I a lunch and we set off to catch a ferry over to manly. We had the best day! It’s such a great feeling to get out and about after being cooped up inside for far too long. It was his first time on a boat of any kind, so his face was just one big smile the entire time. It was beautiful! Once we reached Manly, we sat on the grass with our picnic lunch before heading to the beach.

As soon as he saw the waves crashing his eyes lit up, and I couldn’t hold him back! Despite the absolutely freezing cold water he ran straight, splashing in the shallow waves. I couldn’t help but stand there laughing and laughing as I watched him run a bit too fast into the water and face plant into the wave. He was having so much fun, and yelled “again again!” every time he was splashed. I love his dear little soul, and to see him that happy made me feel like the luckiest nanny out.

Happy spring everyone – go out and enjoy the sunshine!!







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