The Power Of Words (Use Them Wisely)

I read about this is in my short devotion this morning, and wanted to share and elaborate with you guys as I think this is such a powerful, game changing topic.

Proverbs 18:21 NIV
The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.

So in other words, what we choose to say (or even think) has the power to alter our course in life. We start doubting ourselves, and God, if we indulge in negative thoughts. Whereas if we choose to put a positive spin on our situations, even if they aren’t all good, we will begin see a lift in our spirits and enjoy the hope that the problem will be overcome.

If I had decided to tell everybody how little Shawn and I can afford as we step into marriage, and really dwell on the down side of that, I could have endangered myself of becoming stressed out and miserable. But by telling people more about the love and faithfulness of our God, and what he can and will do for us, I have given myself permission to be joyful through this crazy season. And it’s so much fun!

Remember the power your words hold over yourself, and over others. You could really change someone’s day for the better, if you choose your words wisely. Be purposeful with your words, think before you speak, and you will see an abundance of blessing pour out over you and others.

So let’s go ahead and talk ourselves into a better mood!

Here are some cute quotes I found on Pinterest. Have a great day everyone xox 🙂





(So discard those negative thoughts & keep the good ones coming!!)


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