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Last Friday was my 21st birthday and I was blessed with such a wonderful day. I am surrounded with the most loving and generous friends and family, I was utterly humbled throughout the entirety of the day.

My beautiful mum had everything planned and mapped out since forever ago. It was an early start, kicking things off with tea and presents. I was gifted the most wonderful set of plates of all sizes, bowls, mugs, cups, and more from my sweet Shawn. He’d scored the whole lot (including a basket) for ten bucks at Salvos (a local thrift store)! Along with a cozy picnic blanket for only $3 (I’m a meany and gave him a spending limit. He did well). My sister found me the prettiest pouring jug, also from Salvos, to match a serving plate I bought long ago. I got my favourite mag, Frankie, from mum and once all presents were opened, it was time to head off.

I had no idea where I was going, which was so exciting; I’m a sucker for surprises! We eventually arrived at a lovely restaurant called The Burnt Orange in Mosman. As we wandered through the attached gift shop, members of my extended family kept popping up everywhere! It was like every corner I turned would be a grandparent or aunt or uncle. It was the best fun! Once everyone had arrived we all sat at a big long table and indulged in the most mouth-watering breakfast. Absolutely delicious!

We said our goodbyes to one set of grandparents and my Aunty and Uncle, and then headed off, with my nana and poppy, to the zoo! I received such a special gift from them: a bundle of things that my pop was given for his 21st. I almost cried! An amazing red overnight bag was the main gift, filled with a blanket, a leather journal/notepad, a wooden box which he made for me to hold my pencils in as a child, and much more. I will treasure them forever.

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Once at the zoo, it began raining. We bundled up in clothing as much as we could (I borrowed my incredibly tall uncle’s snow jacket ha) and began walking through. Finally the rain stopped and the sun began to peak through the clouds. I had a horrible migraine for most of the afternoon, but nevertheless still a lot of fun!

Later that evening when we arrived home I, being the grandma I am, was completely zonked out. My head was still aching and I was so exhausted. But there were still more surprises to come.

To put it in short, what was meant to happen was:
Mum would send Shawn and I out for dinner on a birthday date. Then when we arrived home all my closest friends would be there to surprise me and have cake together! But I messed it up by telling them I didn’t feel like going out for dinner, so my friends coming over wasn’t such a surprise in the end. Didn’t ruin anything for me though, I had the best night ever, laughing hard all the way through.

A wonderfully joy-filled day it was! And so far I am loving twenty one, woohoo!

Here are some birthday snaps from my Instax camera!


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