Monday’s Office

Sometimes I complain about my job as a nanny. For example, it’s not challenging enough or I’m bored of the daily routine. But then come days like today. Days spent wandering around Milsons Point, along the water edge, overlooking our gorgeous city.


Need I say more?

I feel so blessed to spend time with my little man, exploring new places and having the freedom to go wherever the wind blows us. The sunshine certainly helps my mood as well!

My conclusion is we all need to get out more. Why not use our time more wisely, and venture outdoors when the sun shines? Even if you work 5 days a week in an office, you should be getting a lunch break. And even if that lunch break is only 30 minutes long, I think you’ll be feeling a lot more invigorated by taking in some fresh air and vitamin D.

Today was pure bliss and reminded me how lucky I am to be exactly where I am in my life. I have a decent income, enough to get me by, and an exciting future ahead! I’m feeling good. Here are some happy snaps from our little outing today 🙂









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