The Budget Wedding: Budget & Prioritise

I’ve started a little series on my blog all about the details of our budget wedding. I am constantly searching new ideas on how to save money on the big day and have also figured a few things out on my own. I want to share all my little tricks and tactics in case there’s anyone else out there that is getting married on the cheap (but still wants to make it perfect and amazing and magical).

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed”

Ecc 4:9


I’ll start with your actual budget. Yes, it’s a horrid word that no one really enjoys using, but you can totally make it work to your advantage. I mean if you’re anything like me, the thought of spending some insane amount of money on one day makes you sick to the stomach anyway.

So, discuss with your fiancé, parents, future in-laws, grandparents, or whoever is helping you with expenses, what you limit is. Agree on a final amount and right it down.

Next step: prioritize! I read about the importance of this everything when we first got engaged. And now I am seeing the benefits of it majorly. Your priorities list might look a little like this…

  • Ceremony/reception venues
  • Wedding dress
  • Catering
  • Lighting
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Wedding Cars
  • Bridesmaid attire
  • Hair and Make up
  • Men’s suits
  • Entertainment/music
  • Wedding bands/rings

And the list could easily go on. Now arrange this into order of most important down to least important. Or you could rate each point out of 10. So for me personally, the venue was most important. With Shawn’s family traveling such a long way, and never having been to Australia before, it was so essential that we were married with stunning views and to accommodate them with beautiful surroundings. One of the least important thing for me would the entertainment or music, even after dreaming of a jazz band to play at my wedding all my life, I’m more than okay with plugging in an iPod to the speakers. Also, wedding cars, don’t need those. And my wedding dress wasn’t something I was prepared to spend an amount with more than three digits on.

Once you’ve done this, it will become clear as to where you want to put your money. Then you can do some research, work out what costs what and start to plan! Keep your eyes peeled for more of these posts. And hola at me if you have any ideas of your own!



2 thoughts on “The Budget Wedding: Budget & Prioritise

  1. Prioritising spending is a great tip!

    I got married last November and found it so important to prioritise what was important to us as a couple, rather than feel the pressure to meet everyone else’s expectations, or to put money into the same areas as your friends or family had.

    e.g. I spent up big on the invites/stationary because as a graphic designer – that was important to me, but my dress was made by my mum with material bought for less than $30NZD.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I completely agree. I think a lot of women feel obliged to live up to society’s expectations when it comes to weddings, but it’s not right.

      And that is so good about your dress. It’s the best having talented family members! Bargain!

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