Ten of The Best Experiences/Moments of My Life

(In order of when they occurred)

ONE. (1999)
Mum and Dad getting married.
He’s technically my step dad, but at the age of 6 that didn’t mean anything to me. And it still doesn’t. I finally got a real father who was going to be there for me 24/7. On top of that, I got to see my mama looking happier than she ever had. That day was beautiful, and made so many of my dreams come true. Especially being able to dress up as a “princess” in my flower girl outfit and ride in the front seat of the vintage wedding car!

TWO. (2002)
Finding out I was getting a baby sister.
I had been begging and begging mum basically my whole life to give me a sister (ok, so I may have been specifically asking for an older sister but she did the best she could). It must have been extremely difficult for my mum listening to her daughter plead for a sibling, as she was struggling to conceive. But when the day came that I was told Olivia May would be welcomed to the world in a few short months, I couldn’t stop squealing.

THREE. (2005)
Walking through a Fijian village and meeting the locals who were so poor yet so full of joy.
I fell in love with the small islands of Fiji. Or more specifically, the people who lived there. So full of life and joy, I couldn’t believe the conditions in which some of them lived. We visited a village which was made up of huts made of sticks and twigs and random wooden pieces here and there. They had market stalls where they would sell their hand made goods, and the children shared a football that would be passed around their gravel soccer field. Each had a large smile strung from ear to ear, and I will never forget how happy they were with so little. A real eye opener.

FOUR. (Various)
Numerous close encounters with God.
I can’t record all the amazing times God has touched my life, or I’d be writing a novel. But I have seen Jesus with my own eyes, and felt His touch on my flesh as He embraced me with a real hug. It is for these reasons that my faith in Him will never cease. I can’t begin to describe the love I felt during this moment.

FIVE. (2010)
Getting my license.
This was a huge moment! I remember blasting the stereo in the car as I drove away after passing my drivers test. The windows were down and I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing or yelling out strange happy noises. I may have made a lot of passers-by a little concerned that day, but boy oh boy was I ecstatic.

SIX. (2010)
Graduating high school.
This was an emotional moment as most people will understand. I left behind so many wonderful years of my life, but could hardly contain my excitement for all the adventures that were to follow.

SEVEN. (2012)
Traveling Europe (read more in Top 10 Best Moments While Traveling – coming soon).
Best 2 months of my life. Easily. I experienced and learnt so much during this time. Travel truly is a necessary step to take in life. I am so thankful my parents supported my decision to skip university and travel the world. I’ve gained so much knowledge from the places I’ve seen and people I’ve met. Culture is a joy!

EIGHT. (2013)
Falling in love.
Yes. Yes yes yes. Never did I ever think that falling in love would be such a dream. And I am still falling, faster and harder and deeper. It’s a constant roller coaster ride and I am loving every single minute.

NINE. (2013)
My first white Christmas/ending long distance with Shawn.
I never realized just how right a white Christmas could feel! I honestly felt as though id never done Christmas correctly in my life. It was cosy, magical, and perfect in every way. I missed my family a lot, but will remember to pack them next time. This is a must for anyone yet to experience it! And on top of the happiness Christmas brings, I got the greatest gift of ending long distance with Shawn. He moved here to Australia with me at the end of December.

TEN. (2014)
Getting engaged!
Best. Moment. Ever. By far! I am so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful engagement memory. Shawn thought the proposal through so well and created the most magical date for us. And knowing that I get to keep him forever… Well there’s just no greater feeling. I truly can’t find the words to express how good it is.



3 thoughts on “Ten of The Best Experiences/Moments of My Life

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post and your thoughts – marrying your mum is my top moment and a very very very important part of that was being blessed with you -to call you my precious daughter – love you xx

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