HOW TO: Deal With Wanderlust (When You’re Broke)

IMG_6399Venice, Italy July 2012

Seriously. This is a major issue whom anyone who’s ever gone anywhere will relate to. Some days my wanderlust can truly get the better of me, causing me to feel deflated and well, let’s face it, sort of depressed. I know the world is full of hopeless travel dreamers (with little money) like myself so I have put together a few simple ideas that can help you feel as though travel is within your reach.

Plan a weekend getaway, or even a daytrip. This is my simple, quick fix method. It gives you something to look forward to, even if it is only a couple of hours drive away. Get yourself out of your everyday surroundings and enjoy a mini-holiday. Book a cheap room at a beach side resort, or grab the camping gear and head out to the mountains. Do whatever gets you and your travel buddy excited, and on the plus side, it shouldn’t upset your savings too much.

Begin a budget plan and start saving for future travels. Instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself, gain some initiative and begin ruling things out of your current budget that aren’t necessary. Even if you start off by putting $50 aside each week, it will quickly grow. And the faster you see it grow, the more you’ll want to save. Be positive and look forward to the future knowing that you’ll be hopping on that plane in no time!

Decide on where you want to travel. Get excited about your dream destination, research all the activities you’d want to do and have a travel plan set in place. So, when you do reach the goal for your savings, you’ll be good to go as soon as possible!

Grab a friend. Whether it is your bestie, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife – get them on board! It’s no use being the only one saving up money if you want to have a companion traveling with you. Get someone on board and keep pushing each other to save harder. Maybe you’d rather be a solo traveler, which is cool, but if not, this step is essential.

Provide yourself with constant visual motivation. Whether you change your phone background to an image of a Santorini sunset or hang a photo of the Himalayas on your office wall – having these images and many more will be the best kind of motivation to surround yourself with. Every time I see a picture of someone riding an elephant in Thailand or exploring the vast expanses of Iceland, it makes me a little giddy with excitement. I want to be there in that exact moment. That is the kind of motivation you need to get there. Wherever you look, have inspiring images of your dream destinations. That way, you will be constantly striving to achieve your goal.

If you have any other wanderlust solutions, please let me know! Luckily I have a wedding to look forward to this year (and fingers crossed a honeymoon) or I’d be a hopeless wreck!
IMG_4505Mykonos, Greece July 2012
Eze, Southern France July 2012


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