The Best Kind of Date

Shawn quickly learnt that the surest route to my heart is via a picnic. Our first date was a picnic with hot cocoa on a canoe, and we’ve been continuing with the tradition ever since.


Five Reasons Why I Love Picnics

It’s inexpensive! Comparing the cost of picnic to restaurant dining is astounding. Simply make a trip to your local supermarket, pick up some sandwich supplies or a BBQ chicken and some bread rolls. The price of a meal significantly drops.

You can be alone! This is probably the best thing about picnics. You don’t have another couple sitting half a meter away from your table. You get to be in your own space, secluded and just the two of you.

You can get comfortable! I can’t bare to sit in the same place for an extended period of time. Bring some cushions and blankets and make yourself cozy and comfortable!

You can stay as long as you want! There’s no hovering waiter wanting to give your table to the couple who’ve been sitting at the bar for 45 minutes. Sit and enjoy the scenery, food and each other for as long as you want.

It’s an adventure! What’s more fun than scouting out a new picnic hideaway with your best friend? Shawn and I have come across some incredible places to picnic all over the globe, and it’s so much fun.

There are many more reasons as to why I love a good picnic, but they are the main ones. Here are some photos from a spontaneous picnic we took on Sunday. We came out of church, saw the sunshine and off we went! I always keep a picnic basket in my car just in case.







Do you have a favourite kind of date? If you want to share, email me on my Contact Her page. If I get enough responses I might put up a post of everyone else ideas to share.

Happy dating, everyone!


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