A Diamond On My Finger

Every morning I slowly stretch out my arms above my head, yawn and rub my eyes right before they catch the sparkle of a very pretty something sitting on my third finger on my left hand. It still takes me by surprise to see the most beautiful ring staring back at me. Yes, lovely friends, I am engaged! And it just so happens to be with the sweetest, and most genuine man, which you are all very used to me bragging about.

So, if you’re a hopeless romantic just as I am, I’m sure you’re dying to hear the proposal story.

Shawn chose our one-year anniversary to pop the question, which was on Friday 11th April, but let’s rewind back to the Thursday for a moment. I was at work that day and began to feel some pain in my head and stomach. A slight sore throat was also bothering me. It was getting worse and worse so I asked my boss if I could go home and sleep it off, which she was completely supportive of. So I went home and tried to nap, but was incredibly uncomfortable. By 3pm it was turning from bad to worse. My stomach began churning, my head was throbbing and all my muscles were in pain. A couple of hours later I was upstairs in the bathroom letting it all out. I’ll spare you the details. I emptied my stomach three or four more times after that before finally collapsing in bed and sinking into a heavy sleep.

Throughout this time Shawn had been freaking out, but still remaining his kind self and supporting me through the sickness by letting me know we can do the date on another day and not to push myself. I was so upset as I’d been looking forward to this surprise date all week. I had no idea where he had planned to take me or what we’d be doing and the thought of having to wait another few days to find out, killed me!

After a lot of prayer from Shawn and my family, along my own desperate pleas to God, I awoke the next morning feeling a lot better. I was still very weak, and my stomach was slightly uneasy, but I was able to walk which meant I was able to go on our date. I continued resting all morning to ensure I was feeling as well as possible. We headed off at around 2pm and ended up at North Head in Manly at 4pm. Yes people, two hours later (which should only be a 50 minute drive)! But really, I’m not mad at all at Shawn for taking us the longest possible way, causing carsickness and a very grumpy girlfriend, because it adds another laugh to the story! So finally we arrive, I wasn’t feeling good at all, so I put my seat back and closed my eyes while Shawn disappeared for twenty minutes to set things up.
When he returned, he grabbed the last bag in the car and we began to walk down the trail. We jumped a fence, and walked through a lot of bush, shrub and rocks until we came to open clearing. Shawn told me to take a seat and he would be right back. I sat and enjoyed the view of the ocean and the clouds rolling in. Finally he came back and led me down to where he had set up the most gorgeous picnic. It was on a big flat rock overlooking the ocean and the city. He surrounded the area with candles and flowers; it was magical.

The rest of the night included listening to him sing and play on his guitar, a beautiful song he wrote for me. The rain started to fall ever so lightly while he played which worked as a good cover up for my tears and snot dripping out of me. We hid under a small cave-like rock until the rain passed, wrapped up in a blanket while we watched the mist take over the city. It cleared up again so we moved the picnic back out onto the flat rock. Shawn set up his camera to get some shots of us, which is nothing out of the ordinary when you’re dating a photographer.

He got the snaps he wanted, and then put it onto video mode. The footage is about ten minutes long due to the nervous small talk, fumbling, and not knowing what to say. I was starting to get a little suspicious at this point. And before I knew it, he was reaching into his pocket, I was squealing, he was down on one knee and I was jumping around like a jack-in-the-box. The ring fit perfectly and I couldn’t be any happier than what I am!

I am so thankful for the wonderful man Shawn is and I truly cannot wait for us to begin our future together. Right now we have no money, but a lot of faith that it will all turn out. We are excited for big things, and so happy to be sharing our excitement with everyone.

Hooray for eternal love!

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2 thoughts on “A Diamond On My Finger

  1. This is the most romantic post ever. It’s all so beautiful, I love reading about engagements, sorry lol I’m a big hopeless romantic! I wanted to share that I found it so inspirational to find out that you’re a young lady that’s engaged, but that’s not it, the most inspirational part of this post was that you shared that you didn’t have money, but that faith will provide it all. That’s so amazing! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Btw, I love seeing your post on IG. And enjoy reading your blog. Blessings Ellie. Xx

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