Love Is Sweet

Things rarely work out the way we plan them to, and so we are forced to make allowances for that. Over the past few days Shawn has been horribly ill with a virus of some sort. We had been so excited for last weekend as we had plans to make a day trip up to the Blue Mountains on Saturday in celebration of my new car. On Sunday we had put our hands up to be a part of a 6km mud run which was a charity event, raising money for the Westmead Children’s Hospital. Sickness always seems to come at the worst of times, the times when you are really looking forward to something. And this time around, it didn’t let us down.

Poor Shawny was completely bedridden Friday through to Sunday. I’ve quickly realised that when you are in love with someone and they are unwell, it doesn’t take a second thought to know what to do. Even though our weekend adventure plans were things I’d been looking forward to, they suddenly didn’t mean a thing compared to caring for my babe in his hour of need. There was no other option in my mind than to be right there next to him, at his beck and call, until he was well again.

When you share your life with someone, something changes inside of you, or at least it should. You become a fraction less selfish, and begin to focus more attention on another person. Suddenly, your happiness depends on theirs and you have this urge to please them in anyway you can. It’s not something you should feel you have to do. It’s a desire.

I love being in love, and I love that it’s with Shawn. There is no place I would rather have been on the weekend other than right where I was, by his side.



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