Freshen Up Your Love

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In my post Uh, Oh, Things Are Changing from a couple of days ago, I wrote about how Shawn and I have found it difficult going from only ever being on a holiday with one another to ‘real life’. Today we decided it was time for us to create a way to ensure we were giving enough time to nurture our relationship throughout the business of life.

So the Date Jar was born.

We sat down outside in the sunshine together and began brainstorming numerous date ideas. Anything that we could think of, big or small, was written down on a small slip of paper and placed into the jar. So far we have twenty-one dates in the jar ranging from a day trip to Tasmania to going to the drive in movies. We have decided to randomly select one of the dates each month. If it exceeds our current budget, we’ll put it back and try again for a less expensive option.

We had so much fun thinking of fun and exciting new dates to try, I would encourage any couple to create their own date jar! We are thrilled to be putting more effort into bringing the spontaneous adventure back into our relationship. It’s so simple to put a little money aside each week to go towards a date per month. Not to mention how valuable it is to spend quality time with your other half.

Shawn and I have learnt that it’s not enough to simply see each other often, as that usually involves being with friends or family at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that of course, in fact it’s healthy, but if you don’t set aside special time for you and your guy or gal, then it’s going to show through in your relationship. Tension and stress will arise and before you know it, you’re arguing about silly things that aren’t worth the time.

It all comes back down the balance thing. Creating an equal balance between spending time with each other (alone) and spending time with friends and family will do your relationship a world of justice. I’m no relationship guru, that’s for sure, but I have learnt some things over the last year or so since being with Shawn. And especially over these last few months after transitioning from living so far away to living so close to one another.

So! We are hopeful that this Date Jar will do the trick. If you are interested in making your own, all you need is an old jar (I used a coffee jar), some bits of paper, a pen and a whole lot of inventive ideas! Try to think outside of the box, get creative. Here are some examples of what Shawn and I came up with:
Pack a picnic and go to the mountains, go and see a comedian + dinner, hire a rowboat, walk across the harbour bridge at sunrise, go to the theatre, go and see a magician, go out for breakfast + go to the markets, go to the zoo, bowling, outdoor ice skating, hike Wentworth Falls, find a look out and have a picnic in the boot of the car, go bowling + get milkshakes, drive in movies… and the list goes on.

Oh and I also got some pretty little pink flowers at the store today, so now my room looks and smells a lot happier. All in all, an inspiring Saturday!

If you come up with any other fun date ideas, send me a message via my Contact Her page, I’d love some fresh suggestions!


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