Baby Love In The Playground

While I was down at the park with Gus, the sweet two-year-old boy who I nanny, an older girl who was probably twice his age, came into the playground and began playing on the “spiders web” climbing frame. Gus’ eyes lit up with enthusiasm; he loves making new friends. He began looking around the playground for something to present to the girl. After seeing nothing but brown leaves, which had fallen from the towering gum tree overhead, he decided they would have to do. He picked one up and politely handed it to the girl. In silence she took it, looked at it and a second later, tossed it aside. Completely unimpressed, she went back to climbing. Gus quickly went and found a bigger, better leaf and approached the girl again. She showed the same disinterest as the last time and threw the leaf to the ground once more.

By the fourth leaf, she decided she would hang on to it for a little while, to keep him away from her. Gus, utterly overjoyed, gave her another leaf for her other hand. She took it begrudgingly and once again turned her back to him.

Gus was determined to gain her full attention and began following her around the playground. No, not following, that sounds much too placid. It was a chase; a wild goose chase. As the girl soon realised she had acquired a second shadow, she started quickening her steps. She ran up the stairs, down the slide, ran back over to the climbing frame hastily trying to escape this overly friendly little human. Gus wanted, no, needed this girl. He was desperate, but in a sweet way.

He finally got hold of her, literally, by her pinky finger and pulled her over to show me. The girl had such an uneasy look on her face, so I decided this tragic little love story must come to an end. Right as I pulled her hand free from his almighty grasp, her grandma called out “Allison!”

It was time for her tennis lesson.

Ah, young love; so cruel.

971074b20b921b3128af36a503952cfd 2b7835870bfcc3f1f82e13c9ce037324Not my images! But so cute, right?


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