Uh, Oh, Things Are Changing

As the world evolves and continuously changes, we are forced to adapt. This may be due to the latest technology, new leadership, climate changes, and the list goes on. Lately both Shawn and I have had to adapt to being in a regular relationship. While living in the same city is the greatest thing that could have happened to us, there are some aspects of our relationship that must change.

Up until this year, being together physically equaled a holiday for us both.  We would get time off work and devote the 1-2 weeks we had available, to each other. We would go on a different, exciting date each day, exploring new places and catching the latest film at the cinema. We would sleep in, eat breakfast together, and have everyday free to fall more in love. Sound like a fairytale? It certainly felt like one. But then would come the hard yards. The weeks, sometimes months, spent apart were grueling. It felt as if time was at a stand still; the hours ticked by far too slowly and each day was almost like a waste without him with me. It was quite the contrast!

So now we’re at a happy medium. He’s here, just 15 minutes down the road and life is good. That part was very easy to adapt to. The difference is that now when we’re together, it’s not like it used to be. We aren’t on a constant holiday, we can’t go on a date every night, we can’t always sleep in, and we aren’t under the same roof. It’s different, it’s new, but it’s adaptable.

I now understand the importance of balance. Having a balanced life is essential. Keeping your work life, love life, uni/study life and hobbies at an equal level will save a lot of anxiety, trust me. I’m still working on this, and I still have a lot of adapting to do when it comes to multiple aspects of my life. But it’s important to know that it is achievable, it’s just a process.

Has anyone else been through the ‘long distance to same city’ change with their other half? Shoot me an email if you’d like to share your story! I love to hear of similar situations.

Hope everyone is having a great week!



6 thoughts on “Uh, Oh, Things Are Changing

  1. You are so right Ellie – it’s all about balance! That was one of the biggest challenges I found when in a LDR. But sometimes I find balance is more a season thing than a day-by-day experience (one crazy season, one calm season vs. a bit of crazy and calm in each and everyday).

    We started dating while both in Brisbane, but Will was between jobs and my schedule was very flexible – so semi-holiday state! Then we moved to LD with a nasty time difference and bad internet connection for about nine months. And then back to a live-in-the-same-city relationships where we were both working full time. A lot of change and adaptations but in hindsight it only ever made us stronger 🙂

    1. Definitely a season thing – totally agree. Thanks for writing Laura, I had no idea about yours and Will’s full story. It’s nice to know there are so many others out there who go through the same struggles and to learn from one another. Love reading your blog, I’m constantly amazed by the living conditions over there. And the fact the you both have stuck it out for so long and trusted God is the best! You’re a very inspiring couple!

  2. Ellie,
    As a junior in high school, I have especially struggled this year to balance my academic life with family life, social life, etc. I don’t want to complain because I’m more tired than unhappy, but rather give thanks to your reassuring words, not only in this blog, but all your others too. Your ability to bring happiness to others through words and pictures is unique and inspiring. So, thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Allison! And I know how hard it is, especially in school, to keep a balanced life. I think it’s something everyone struggles with. But you are very welcome, and thanks again for writing 🙂

  3. Hey Ellie!

    I totally get you! I’m from Colorado and my boyfriend, Jon, lives in Toronto Canada. We’ve been dating for almost two years and nearly the whole time it’s been long distance. He was in Colorado for a few months at a tim helping out a local church as a youth pastor/coordinator. When we lived so close to one another it was definitely a challenge to do every day life and not always go on adventures or have fabulous vacations with each other! We’re both adventuring types so it was definitely an adjustment. Now that he’s back home in Toronto and I’m still in Colorado, it’s back to looooong distance which I’m sure you can understand, hah.

    Any way, just thought I’d share little bit of my story and tell you that I totally get it. It’s so fun that you get to see each other all the time, I’m definitely envious! Ha

    Love your blogposts!


    Ellie (Hah my name too!)

    1. Hey Ellie thanks for sharing! I definite get you girl… Ha it sucks! But I wholeheartedly believe that distance makes a relationship so much more durable. I know that Shawn and I wouldn’t be as strong as we are if we didn’t have to persist with the separation. So there’s a little silver lining for you 😉 but I do understand how hard it is and I hope you guys find a way to be together soon! Thanks again for writing!
      All the best xoxox

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