Twenty Thirteen In Three Minutes

I am SO excited to announce the release of Shawn’s 2013 Reel he created in hope of gaining some more work here in Sydney! It’s all things wonderful and I can guarantee you’ll love it. What an amazing, crazy, whirlwind of a year we both had in ’13. So much country hopping, falling in love, living away from home, developing new talents, being broke, being blessed, having too much fun and of course the birth of She’s Gone Lala! I grew in a lot of ways last year, and looking back I think it was my favourite year of all.

So! Sit back, relax, enjoy, laugh, be wowed, and bask in the year that was (from Shawn’s perspective of course).


4 thoughts on “Twenty Thirteen In Three Minutes

  1. This is actually so incredible! Your boyfriend is very talented, and I feel as though I have been taken on this journey as well. P.S: Your whole blog is fantastic and I love to read through it all the time. You write so beautifully (and take great photos too) and it just makes me really happy reading it.

  2. Came across your blog via your wonderful Instagram photos, so happy I did, the stories of you and Shawn coming together are just lovely! So happy I found your blog and his videos, they’re truly inspiring me with creativity, more please! xxx

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