Exploring The South Coast

Over the Australia Day long weekend myself, Shawn and four other couples packed ourselves into three cars and headed out, seeking adventure in celebration of our country’s freedom. We journeyed down south where many of us had yet to explore. I was quick to fall head over heels in love with the beaches south of Sydney. We visited three in the two days we were there, and it just kept getting better and better. While the northern beaches seem to be overcrowded with tourist shops, houses, and other buildings; the southern coast is purely local living. Hardly a tourist in sight, and the beaches clear of any manmade objects. It was us, one with nature, and it was beautiful.

Our first stop was Werri Beach, which was the most populated out of all our destinations, but still far more secluded than anything we had up north. It was a blustery, cold day for summer, so taking the plunge into the ocean didn’t excite many of us. Instead, we found a coastal walk around the headlands and it was incredible. We encountered such beautiful views overlooking the shores and rocky cliffs. We laughed, took too many photos, ran around and finally simply sat and took in the true splendor of it all.

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Our second destination was Hyams Beach, which was my favourite of the three. The plan was to stay the night and sleep on the beach, although we were a little hesitant due to the possibility of getting caught. Nevertheless we decided to cast our fears aside and do it anyway. We brought down picnic mats, dinner supplies, and sleeping bags and set ourselves up on the sand. This beach was something out of a magazine. I had no idea we had sand as white as it was in Sydney. It was the squeakiest, cleanest sand I’ve ever walked in. And the water was a crystal clear, turquoise blue colour. Watching the sunset through the gum trees, shimmering its final rays across the smooth rolling water, was magical. The sound of the gentle lapping waves against the shore was our lullaby; it was the most gorgeous sound.

It did, however, happen to be one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life as we hadn’t smoothed out the ground too well (or at all) accompanied with our visit from a fox and some rain during the night, didn’t make for a sound sleep. Overall a memorable experience, and the golden sunrise coming up over the water directly in front of us, made every bit worth it.
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The third and final beach we explored during our trip was Cave Beach, which lured us in by its name. And sure enough, it provided some caves along the edge of the cliffs to explore. In my opinion, the best part of this beach was how incredibly remote it was. I felt as if we could have been as far away from civilization as possible. The beach was enclosed by true ‘aussie’ outback. Bush, shrubs and gum trees surrounded us, the air filled with a symphony of cicadas, crickets and native birds of all kinds. I was glad this is where we got to spend our Australia Day. I felt right at home, and couldn’t thank God enough for such a breath taking country. Shawn and I immediately split off from the group, cameras in hand, to search for some prime photo opportunities. We explored caves, climbed sand dunes and tiptoed through rock pools. The beach was broad and long, the waves were plentiful, the water was ice cold yet refreshing, the sun was high and warm; it was the perfect end to our little getaway.

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My heart is constantly whispering to my head to escape and see more of the world, to travel, explore, indulge and learn. My bank account currently doesn’t allow any extravagant trips, but this little road trip was enough to set my heart at ease for now. The ocean has a way of bringing me back to life; it is where I feel closest to God and all He is in my life. It was a truly rewarding weekend.


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