Memories of Scotland

I was in Scotland during my Europe trip in 2012 and at the time I was travelling with my dear mum. That part of the trip will stay close to my heart forever. I think it is something every daughter should do with their mother, and father with son, when they reach an adult age. You form a strong bond, and for my mum and I, it was one final adventure before I really grew up and we wouldn’t get the time or freedom to slip off together as we did when I was a child. When it was just she and I living at home, she would often take me on little weekend trips to the mountains or beach or bushwalks. It was those special ‘mummy and me’ times which I believe keeps us so close. And this holiday was no different.

We had been staying in London and after a couple of train rides, we reached Newcastle where we hired a car and drove up the coastline to Edinburgh. A lot of our ancestors lived in Edinburgh so it was a special place for us to see together. During our drive up there, we veered off the main road bringing ourselves closer to the coastline, which was the best decision we could have made. The handsomely patterned cliffs that suddenly dropped down into the deep blue ocean waters were breath taking. We stayed up there for hours, taking in the beauty and breathing the fresh, yet salty, coastal air. I never wanted to leave. We were just about the only ones out there so I ran freely through the grass with my arms held out, hair whipping through the swirling winds.

After just spending a week in crowded, busy, slightly depressing London; these moments were liberating. I sat on the edge of a cliff, overlooking my favourite thing God created (the ocean) and fought with my mind to hold onto this moment as tightly as possible.  If I am ever stressed or concerned about everyday mishaps, I bring myself back to that very moment, take a deep breath and I am immediately filled with clarity. It’s such a beautiful thing, breathing fresh air while being away from everything and everyone you know. It’s you, all of nature’s beauty, and the One who created it all. I never take those moments for granted.

The rest of our time in Scotland was just as wonderful. We noticed a hill whilst in Edinburgh that seemed to be the highest point that we could see. Curious of the views we may get being so elevated, we made our way through the town to the base of the hill. It was a steep climb and we were hardly dressed for it, but goodness it was worth it! We were blessed with such incredible 360-degree views over all of the city and beyond. Again, we sat and we breathed in the tranquility of the moment.

Travelling opens your eyes in so many ways, you find different parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. You unlock more of your heart, you become more available and attentive; noticing and being thankful for the little things. You bring home moments that last a lifetime, which create small escapes from our sometimes-hectic lives. You become more aware of other people, cultures and happenings outside of your own life. I’ve learned more out in the world, travelling and being vulnerable, than I ever have in a classroom. And that in itself is a testament to its true value and impact it can impart into your life.  I would recommend travelling to every single human.  But be warned, it becomes highly addictive. IMG_2889 IMG_2908-2 IMG_2912-2 IMG_2933 IMG_2940 IMG_2942 IMG_3011 IMG_3184 IMG_3230 IMG_3242


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