Memories of Greece

Our week of island living seems like nothing but a distant memory, but what a week it was. Much to everyone’s concern, Charly and I hired two quad bikes to get ourselves around the island after waiting far too long for a small, humid, crowded bus. With the salty wind whipping through our hair, we drove carefree from beach to beach singing and calling out ridiculous things to the locals in our wannabe Greek accent. We floated in the crystal clear turquoise water, hoping and praying that we would never have to leave. The entire week felt like a dream; a dream that I wish I could relive forever.

Having an extremely tight budget due to our mostly empty bank accounts, the free morning breakfast banquets were essential. We stayed in the buffet room for almost the entire time it was open each morning, using ingestion tactics to fit as much of the food as possible into ourselves. Once we couldn’t possible eat another bite, we would take anything that would last, throw it in our bags and run out of the hall in a giggling fit.

Make note that this resort was filled with middle age women with leathery skin and 60-year-old men who think a red speedo provides enough coverage…

So it was fair to say we were a little out of place. But we didn’t mind, we had our own private beach for goodness sake, who needs young adults! But as we always do, we met some new friends down in the main town of Mykonos. Their names were Raphael and Eli. We ended up spending most of our time with them; riding around the island, spending nights on the beach and all the other spontaneous things you do while traveling.

As the week drew to a close, we were fairly miserable. It had been an incredible experience and no doubt I’ll be returning one day. Fortunately for us, we would be jet setting off to Italy that same day with many more adventures awaiting us. I’ll tell you all about those another day…

IMG_4203 IMG_4222 IMG_4282 IMG_4312 IMG_4327 IMG_4336 IMG_4375 IMG_4404 IMG_4413 IMG_4432 IMG_4462 IMG_4488


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