A White Christmas Dream

Wrapped up in blankets and sweaters while the Christmas lights are twinkling is a whole new experience for me. It’s freezing, literally, but it’s been fun finding ways to keep warm. I think I am finally experiencing christmas properly for the first time. The frosty windows, shorter days (which, Shawn says, is so that you can see the Christmas lights for longer) and hot drinks always in hand. It’s pure magic and I feel so blessed to be a part of it, especially with the boy I love. I worried slightly before arriving that it might not feel like Christmas being away from my family. And although it makes me sad to be so far from them, all the benefits of a cold and cosy Christmas make up for it. I keep my eyes glued to the windows hoping for snow to start falling and have far too much fun breathing out my warm breath into the cold air.

I haven’t felt this cold in a long, long time but the buildings and homes are properly built to withstand it, so as much as I thought I may not survive the month, it’s been a lot simpler to keep toasty warm than I imagined. There are too many magical elements of a cold christmas to mention on here, I have an entire new view of it now. It’s as if I’ve been thrown into another dimension. I’ve gone from hot summer days lazing around the pool, sipping cool fruity drinks, sun kissed skin, wading through the ocean shore, BBQ’s on warm clear nights to hot water bottles tucked under my sweater, snuggled up on the couch watching a christmas flick, hot cocoa in hand, listening to the rain pelt down on the roof. It’s quite the contrast. But I am honestly head over heels with this new way of celebrating the christmas holiday. The most magical time of year, just grew even more magical.

IMG_0117 IMG_0134 IMG_0242 IMG_0289 IMG_0320 IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0546 IMG_0588I don’t want it to end! But I won’t be too distraught to be back on the sandy beaches of Sydney…


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