Did Someone Hit The Pause Button?

Do you ever feel a little bit lost? Or kind of stuck? I am so sick and tired of feeling as though my life is lacking purpose or direction. I go through different seasons, just as everyone else does, of being overwhelmed by life itself. It’s a big thing to get your head around and it’s often hard to simply take day-by-day. I feel as though I am in one of those seasons at the moment. Like my life is at a stand still. I’m standing at the train station waiting for mine to arrive, and it isn’t coming. Or it’s running extremely late. But the thing is, it really isn’t running late. It’s running according to God’s schedule, and that is the most perfectly divine schedule to follow. But what happens when our tiny little hopeless human brain can’t grasp this fact? Well, we feel exactly as I said. Stuck.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that the times I have felt most alone or uncreative or unmotivated, is when I have distanced myself slightly from God. Before I can get myself back on track, I have to first get back on track with Him. I think back on each day and ask myself “ok Ellie, when was the last time you sat down with Jesus and gave him some real, honest, quality time?” Hm… having some trouble? Yeah. I get you. Sometimes it happens without us even realising and we find multiple things to blame it on. “Oh yeah it’s been a super busy month with work.” or “I just moved house, give me a break!” Maybe you just got married, had a baby, started university or got a job promotion. Something that’s going to fill in a lot of your time. But let’s be honest, no matter what your excuse, it will never be good enough for God. And you know way deep down there in your heart, that the only thing that has prevented you from spending time with Him, is yourself. I sure know that, and I should really stop throwing out excuses. It’s insulting to Him, and to myself.

Here’s some things that help me when I feel as though my life is at a standstill:

  • Write a list
    Lists save my life. To Do lists, Shopping lists, Christmas lists; let’s face it (especially you, ladies) we all use them. So I use lists to write down things that, even if they seem impossible, I want to achieve. Or that I would be interested in learning more about. Some of these, for me personally, include studying something either at tafe or university. Maybe a design course of some sort, or creative writing or photography. To travel more and document it.  To sponsor a child. To join a sewing class. To start more DIY projects. The list could be endless – just write it all down! It’s a great way to inspire yourself.
  • Be Inspired By Others
    I picked up a new copy of my favourite mag, Frankie, today and after reading through it, found myself enriched with a lust for creativity. It’s the simple things that get your heart as well as your mind racing. Find something that you can read, watch or even someone you admire who you could talk to or learn about. Anything that is going to get things buzzing within yourself.
  • Pray
    This should really be top of the list. I could just copy and paste it to the top right now to make myself look like a better person, but I won’t. Because honestly, He’s not always my top priority. And that is always my major downfall. We should immediately be able to turn to God in any situation. Certainly when it comes to feeling lost in life; he specialises in putting his children on the right path. A couple of nights ago my family and I took a long drive up to Macquarie Lake to pick up a gorgeous new pup (I’m sure there’ll be a post on him very soon) and on the way home my mum started to feel car sick. It only got worse throughout the two hour drive and it became evident that this was not just a case of motion sickness. We drove the whole way home without even the thought of turning to God for healing. Instead we stopped and got her water, gave her fresh air; anything we could think of. Finally when we arrived home, she sat on the driveway too sick to move and it suddenly hit me: “pray for her.” Immediately she was relieved of pain and regained enough strength to get up the stairs and into bed. It was amazing, miraculous, how suddenly the nausea left her body. Oh the wonderful things that happen when we put our faith in God!
  • Do Something Proactive
    It can be something so simple. But make sure it’s an activity that is accomplishing something. Maybe you’ve had a project sitting around for awhile that needs doing, or you’ve had a creative idea in your head that you’ve been wanting to try out. Do it! Today I finished arranging the shelves above my desk, and also stuck up all my polaroid photos on the wall. I now have so many beautiful memories to look at as I sit here and write and it makes me smile along the way! Setting your mind to something and completing it will do wonders for yourself  both mentally and emotionally.

Here’s my achievement for the day!


There are of course so many other ways you can give yourself a pick-me-up! Spend time in the sun, go out with a friend, go for a walk, the list goes on! So simple, yet so effective. And remember, we’re all human, we all go through the same things at the end of the day.


Be inspired lovely people!

E. x


2 thoughts on “Did Someone Hit The Pause Button?

  1. Thank you so much for writing this! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now, and only just realised you had a blog, so I figured I’d check it out. And I’m so glad I did, because this was exactly what I needed to hear/read!
    My life has just constantly been feeling like it’s ‘stuck’ and going nowhere, but the reminder to keep in touch with God and try to accomplish the things I really want to is truly what I needed. So thank you! 🙂
    P.s. Please don’t get offended by this, that is far from my intentions! But After reading this post I assume that you’re a Christian or believe in God in some way, and you mentioned Frankie was your favourite magazine – so if you feel inclined and have the time (haha that almost rhymes!) look up my friends magazine on google; MICI (Made In Christs Image). It’s a magazine for women and is very similar to the Frankie style, but through a Christian perspective.
    Anyway, thank you again! 🙂 And sorry this has become so long!

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