Summer Lovin’

First off I want to apologise for the two week silence. As most will know, Shawn has been here and I’ve had the best 14 days of my life with not a moment to spare for writings. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin so I’m just going to let my mind run free and see what stories pour out into this post.

As cheesy and cliche as this (and probably the rest of the post) will sound, I truly didn’t think it were possibly to fall so in love with someone. I know I’ve gained the most kind hearted, generous, loving, adventurous, handsome, faith filled guy as my best friend. Over the past couple of weeks, he has melted my heart so many times that it’s taken on a whole new form. It’s stronger, beats harder and faster, and is protected, yet totally free. I wish there were enough words to describe how immensely blessed I feel to be with Shawn.

If I were to write a play by play of all the adventures we took while he was here, I’d be writing all week. So, here is a speedy recap of our summer romance. After recovering from jet lag on his day of arrival, Shawn and I drove out to Brighton on day two. The sun was shining, the sky had be swept clear of clouds and my smile was stretching from ear to ear all day long. I clutched tightly onto his hand as we strolled the pebble beach, the famous Brighton Pier, and the winding cobble stoned streets throughout the town.

Day three our big adventures started. First stop: London! We ran through Oxford Street, after dumping our bags in the hostel, desperately searching for a dress shirt for Shawn as I had a surprise organised for that night. With only an hour to spare we dashed back, on and off the tube, until finally making it back to our room. Feeling hot and sticky we coated our bodies with deodorant, threw on our fresh clothes, I slapped on some red lippy and we raced back out the door in under 15 minutes. We arrived at the Pollo Victoria Theatre where ‘Wicked’ was showing. We were a few minutes late, but had the most enjoyable night! I love theatre and it is definitely a must-do while in London. The next day we had breakfast with my dear friend Adriana and her man, Arden, who flew in from Sydney a couple of days after Shawn. The rest of the day we spent wondering the city, ticking of the main sites before making our way down to Gatwick Airport where we flew out to Zurich,Switzerland.

Two very special friends of mine picked us up from the airport and right away we were off to explore the Swiss alps! Switzerland is one of my favourite countries, it takes my breath away every time. We breathed in the freshest mountain air and explored town after town, all of which were surrounded by mountains and lakes and filled with quaint swiss buildings. Summer time means flowers are outside every window sill and the grass is greener than green. We had a magic time in Switzerland, and it’s all thanks to our beautiful friends Stef and Jona.

Next stop was Paris, the city of love! I was in my dear Paris exactly one year prior and it was incredibly surreal to not only be back there, but to be with someone I love. Again, we ticked off the main tourist must-sees, while also giving ourselves time to just stroll the streets and inhale the love that seems to float through the air. We spent the evening sitting on the grass under the eiffel tower, being offered to buy wine every five minutes, and watched and the sun fell beneath the horizon and the tower lit up with sparkling fairy lights. The most magical sight!

We finally made it back to Southampton where we spent the next day recovering from little sleep, uncomfortable beds and extreme amounts of walking. Before Shawn left we made sure we had one more road trip adventure along the Jurassic Coast. When we left in the morning it was pouring with rain and we laughed at ourselves for continuing the journey in such atrocious weather. But it was well worth it once we hit the coast and the skies opened up, my eyes nearly blinded from the sunshine which I had forgotten existed. The wind was on a whole different level though. My goodness I’ve never felt winds so strong! I spent the day seeing only 40 percent of what was in front of me as my hair lashed all over my face. But I was with him and the sun was shining, so nothing was going make it a disappointing day.

Saying goodbye to Shawn this time around was incredibly harder than it was in April. We become so much closer overtime we spend time together. Tears were shed, on both ends. Watching him walk away is the hardest moment to live out. But, we have found something truly incredible and it’s worth every difficult, painful second we are separated. It’s merely oceans keeping us apart, and I know that what we have is so much bigger and more powerful than that. I am a blessed girl!

Here is a handful of the thousands (literally) of photos we took while adventuring together. Apologies that they are all very random and out of order! I will post some more soon.



3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Oh, I really understand you about long-distance relationship.
    I live in Latvia, my boyfriend (and seems like I will call him fiancé in future, I hope :)) ) lives in Denmark. And it’s always hard to say goodbye after spending time together. And as much time we spend together as harder to make one’s farewells.
    Wish you & Shawn all the best 🙂

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