Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows, Everything That’s Wonderful

Today I woke up with such a buzz of energy. The sun’s rays shimmered through the opening between my dark curtains and onto my face as I stretched out my back. I rubbed my eyes, not sure if they were playing tricks on me (I tend to not be one hundred percent “with it” in the mornings.) Sunshine? Is that really you? I jumped out of bed, which is an extremely rare occurrence, to pull back the drapes and let the glorious light fill my room. I smiled, as if welcoming an old friend, as it warmed my face.

The first of June used to be my least favourite day of the year, as back home it was the first day of winter. But here all the way on the other side of the globe, it was just the opposite. Summer! My third summer in a row. I will avoid winter forever, I swear. I bounded down the stairs, almost, but not quite, tripping on a couple of them. I pulled back all the curtains in the house and let the golden sunshine filter through and fill every room.

I soaked up as much of the dazzling weather as I could throughout the day. It isn’t a proven fact, but I am sure a little vitamin D improves your mood by a mile. I would say it is about 60% easier for me to get out of bed in the morning if the sun is out. Which often makes me question why I came to one of the cloudiest countries there is. But, I do appreciate the sunshine on a much higher level now.

To sum up, the first day of summer has been truly spectacular. I’ve seen all of two clouds and my legs have been revealed to the world once again, although they are glowing as white as my vanilla ice cream. The weather forecast predicts the sun will be staying with us all week AND on top of all that; it’s only two days until Shawn arrives! I suppose you could say I’m feeling pretty darn fantastic right now.

Here’s some photos of my time in the garden this afternoon. My dear little friend, Dexter, who roams our street, came over to join me. Oh yeah, and I also saw my first ever squirrel today, or “rats with fluffy tails” as my housemate calls them. I think they’re cute.

2013-06-01 17.58.10 2013-06-01 18.00.34 2013-06-01 18.02.23 2013-06-01 18.03.52 2013-06-01 18.05.24 2013-06-01 18.06.38 2013-06-01 18.08.08 2013-06-01 18.09.32 2013-06-01 18.10.54 2013-06-01 18.12.12 2013-06-01 18.14.19


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