Wonders Of The World

A lot of the time our world seems so enormous. Too enormous for one tiny person. My spirit itches with excitement, fear and anxiousness all at once as I ponder on how much there is to explore. The overwhelming sense of wanderlust that is constantly stirring in my heart sends me into a spin. I know, I know, everyone gets that right? Everyone wants to travel. I believe it’s the same sensation but with a slightly different focus for each of us individually.

I am unable to describe to you my desire to wander this captivating world we live in, just as you cannot convey in fullness the dreams of your own heart. It’s something that is incredibly personal. It will engulf your soul and be unshakeable. Yes, it’s true; we are all born with a spirit of desire, of wants and needs, of aspiration and of yearning for something greater than what we see on an everyday basis. But we are also born as individuals, with no two people striving for exactly the same things. All humans do, however, desire a purpose. We all want a goal, something or someone to pursue. There’s a void in each of us desperately needing to be filled.

Humanity is seeking the same thing, we all just take different paths to get there. So, as I first suggested; you understand my restlessness. I want to explore, unlock a new part of myself, learn more, taste more, meet new people and experience new places. And due to my incapability of remembering details, I’m writing it all down here. A small space to vent the thoughts that journey through my curious mind. Also to record my travels, achievements, mishaps, life’s general up’s and down’s and attempt to express myself (typical human being really).

I want to learn to relish everyday of my life, and hopefully be able to delve into the dreams that have so carefully been placed on my heart before even my first breath was taken.


One thought on “Wonders Of The World

  1. I love your free-spiritedness Elle. You go girl and expore this beautiful world , and when you can’t physically explore, do the next best thing and explore with your mind. Dream, write goals, read books…in fact, just keep doing what your doing. I love how you embrace life Elle. You inspire so much. You’re a beauty in every sense of the word.

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