Him and Her (From Her Perspective)

This is the story, so far, of my boyfriend and I. People often ask how we met and came to be together so here it is.

Falling for him was easy. It was somewhat similar to taking in a breath of air. It was natural. Instinctive. Yet I hardly noticed it was happening until much time had passed. In fact, Shawn and I met almost two years prior to anything deeper than friendship being felt for one another.

I’d just moved down to Sydney from Brisbane, literally the day before, when I saw him for the first time. I’d come along to a young adults night being held at Hillsong church, which I planned on making my home church. I was with a friend who had also just moved down from Brisbane and he and Shawn shared the same classes at Hillsong College. Shawn had flown over from Seattle in January to study music; I had just graduated high school and was looking for a way out of Brisbane (which was a bit of a dead end street in my mind). And so our paths crossed, but little did we know what this would eventually lead to.

Over that next year we formed a friendship. I wouldn’t say a close friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. You could potentially count the number of times we actually hung out on one hand. But we chatted online often, both of us being reasonably shy by nature, and always exchanged a smile and “hey, how you going?” when passing each other by. The year came to a close, as did Shawn’s time in Sydney. We said our goodbyes, promised to stay in touch and let the other know if we ever were in the same country at the same time again.

2012 was an exciting year for me. I had two months of travel around Europe planned, so for the first few months of the year I worked hard and saved all I could. Shawn was settling back home, starting some new work and forming a fresh routine for himself. He would message me once every month or so to see how things were. We’d chat back and forth for awhile until the conversation fizzled out. We were even in Europe during the same time; he was in Sweden for a friends wedding and I was in London mid-travels. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to meet up.

The friendly messages carried on until November when we started talking much more frequently. We were texting every week. Every day. Every couple of hours. Then one day we skyped. And again the next week. And the week after. It quickly became an every-other-day call. Soon we were skyping for hours at a time, yet it remained totally platonic. Every now and then the thought of “what if this could be something more…” crossed my mind, but I hastily pushed it aside as it seemed totally impossible due to the distance (12,454km’s or 7738 miles between us to be exact.) Even though I desperately tried to ignore the wonderful world of possibility being created in my mind, I couldn’t deny that I was beginning to feel something very real towards him. And I was 97% sure he was on the same page of the same book.

Then after a long Skype call one night in early January this year (2013) I got a text from Shawn right after we hung up (that was standard.) The text read something along the lines of:

“There was something I wanted to tell you tonight. Remind me the next time we Skype.” 

So, eager to hear what he had to say, I scheduled in a call for the next day we both had free. Which turned out to be two days later. I was nervous. Even as a naturally intuitive female with six senses, knowing exactly what he was going to say, I was still a little shaky.

It was on January 5th that we admitted it.

S: I really like you. A lot. 

E: I really like you too. 

S: Awesome. 

And that was that. Well, not really. Then came all the tricky questions. “What do we do now?” “You’re really far away.” “What does this mean?” “Yeah wow never been in this situation before.” “So….. What do we do now?” Well to save a lot of time, what ended up happening was this: I took a trip to the travel agent and booked flights to London (I’m now based about an hour south of there In Southampton, UK) VIA Seattle. It was the best feeling. We didn’t know what would happen from there but we did know that we had ten whole days to ourselves. That may sound a lot after not seeing your not-that-close-of-a-friend for almost eighteen months. But on the other hand, we did have three months worth of dates to cram in there.

We made a countdown once I had booked my flights to come over to see him. Seventy eight days went a heck of a lot faster than I expected it to. We were talking via text, viber, and Skype everyday twice a day right up until I left. We kept repeating to one another “this is going to be so weird” “I’m going to be so weird” “I’m sorry about my weirdness for the first two to three days” “Seeing you will be weird. Good, but weird” Weird, weird, weird, weird, weird. We were going a little crazy. But once I finally got out of the hour long customs line at Seattle airport and saw Shawn waiting at the top of the stairs, I couldn’t get to him fast enough. It just felt so… right. I focused my overly jet lagged brain on placing one foot in front of the other after having some vivid nightmares of tripping right in front of him. I made it. Unbruised, unharmed and in a tight squeeze that felt like home.

The next ten days with him were like a dream. We did so many activities I could probably write a novel based on each day. So I’ll give you a very rough over view of the best ten days of my life. Day one he took me out in his canoe with hot cocoa’s and asked me to be his girl, which took me about 1/3 of a second to answer affirmatively. I later completely killed the relaxed mood by breaking the silence with “worst thing ever. I need to pee.” Still the best date I’ve ever been on. All other activities included double dates with Caleb and Ariana, hiking, a picnic in the snow, a normal picnic in the… grass, a Ben Howard show, family gatherings, a day at the zoo, breakfast dates with friends, exploring abandoned railways, driving until we found falling snow, lazy movie day at home, going to the $3 cinema, a day trip to Vancouver, breakfast with Papa, a drive out to Deception Pass and all the other perfect moments in between. To put it lightly, it couldn’t have gone smoother.

Goodbye was practically torture considering we didn’t have a set date to see each other again. But it was only a few days after I arrived in England that Shawn booked flights to visit for two weeks. We’ll have many, many, many more adventures to report back with in June. Until then, we talk as much as the time difference allows us to and I remember to thank God as many times a day as I can for giving me the most wonderful human I think he’s ever created. We’ve fallen flat on our faces in love and couldn’t be happier about it.



One thought on “Him and Her (From Her Perspective)

  1. Wow – so beautifully written. I have so enjoyed wayching this love story unravel and feel privileged to have been a part of it,I was in that London apartment when Shawn first skyped, and I watched this friendship grow on a daily basis at home -Shawn would often end up ‘sitting’ on my kitchen bench while I was cooking (in 2D form). I feel like I know Shawn, and he seems wonderful to me! You are the 2 most beautiful people – incredible qualities that make you a unique couple -I pray that you will both be truly blessed. Looking forward to hearing about the next lot of adventures! Love from your mama

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